Nursery Schools For Child Education With A Rock Band

Music is a magical gift we must nourish and cultivate in our children, especially now as scientific evidence proves that an education in the arts makes better math and science students, enhances spatial intelligence in newborns. The media’s popularization of findings from studies indicating a causal link between music training and spatial reasoning in young children has caught the attention of many and spurred interest in the inclusion of music in early childhood education. Perhaps the basic reason that every child must have an education in music is that music is a part of the fabric of our society.

The intrinsic value of music for each individual is widely recognized in many cultures. According to research, music education before the age of seven has been shown to have lasting effects on a child’s intelligence. Elementary music education, in Ascot’s Early Learning Classes that sense, is paramount. Recognizing the needs of music in the development of a child, the modern day schools are encouraging the students to take part in musical events more rapidly. Many modern schools have their own rock bands formed by the children of the school. The formation of a musical band in the school also helps the children in a number of ways.

It sharpens their creativity, helps them to develop leadership qualities, teach them the traits of working in a group and also develops in them a sense of togetherness. In many reality shows, the children from different parts of the country are demonstrating their talents in music. The schools are thus encouraging the children towards forming musical bands and also providing them with special classes. But the school’s emphasis on music and extracurricular activities sometime raise the question on the quality of education they are providing. It is very keenly demonstrated in a Bollywood film ‘Pathshala’.