Steamed Food and even Fried Rice

Pieces include steamed minced food ball, fish ball, steamed chicken with fish maw, steamed beancurd sheet fly with chicken, steamed beancurd sheet roll with goose feet, vegetable dumpling, Chiu Chow-style steamed dumpling, steamed fresh prawn dumpling, steamed stuffed dumpling, pork rib, chicken feet, steamed beancurd sheet roll, steamed glutinous rice roll, mini-sized tacky rice wrapped in lotus leaf and sticky almond wrapped in lotus leaf, steamed barbecued pork bun, steamed egg custard bun, steamed pumpkin bun, steamed sweet molten bun, steamed vegetable and meat bun, steamed lotus seed stick bun, steamed chicken bun, Chinese plain bun, cooked barbecued pork bun and also steamed sago dumpling.

Steamed food & steamed bun Steamed food & steamed bun are normally served hot to target market. However, inadequately cooked or reheated items may may include foodborne pathogens. Hence, infection are covered in microbiological testing. Chemical analysis also contains testing of preservatives also colouring matters for developing colour of food (e.g., chicken feet).Results shows each and every samples are satisfactory. Rice-roll, congee & rice dumplingSamples include different kinds towards rice-roll and fried fritters wrapped in rice-rolls, popularly consumed congee with this halloween giblets, congee with this fish ball, congee with kept egg and pork, congee with dried fish also peanut, congee with cuts of fish, congee which has beef, congee with chopped beef, congee with this halloween kidney and liver, “Boat” congee, congee with bread and plain congee along with other rice dumplings.

Rice-roll, congee & hemp dumpling (cont’d)Preparation of rice-roll involves multiple manual management steps. Inadequate reheating could possibly facilitate the growth concerning bacillus cereus in these kinds of cereal products. Pathogens might be present in congee by means of inadequately cooked ingredients.The CFS also tested for the usage of preservatives (e.g., boric acid) in ingredients of rice-roll, congee and rice which consists of dumplings.All samples tested for pathogens and preservatives are suitable. For Jual Beras Setra Ramos